When a person buys a home, they want that home to make a statement. The decor, the furniture, even the doorbell, all say something about the owner’s uniqueness and individual personality. And customizing every detail to your exacting specifications is the best way to ensure an overarching continuity throughout.

So, why shouldn’t your countertop edging not also be specific to your taste. You picked the best granite countertops in the Chicago area for your home, but did you tell them what type of trim you wanted, because that makes as much of a statement as the countertops themselves.

Countertop trims and what they say about you

You put your heart, your soul, and your personality into making your home your perfect haven from the world. Let’s look at some trims to further accentuate that.

  • Rock face or chiseled edge

This is the roughest look for your trim. It is unpolished, not a smooth area to be found, and is as rugged as you are. This is the no frills trim.

  • Triple pencil, Ogee, Double Ogee, and Dupont

You love the more elegant and refined things in life. You prefer gleaming surfaces and everything to be as spotless and orderly as it can be. 

  • Flat polish or Mitred Drop Apron

You appreciate symmetry, and like the look of clean lines and squared surfaces, a testament to a very contemporary decorative style

  • Half-bullnose, full-bullnose, quarter-round, double quarter-round

Everything in your world has an even flow. There are no sharp corners, because the energy of your life won’t be stifled by the concept of right angles.

  • Beveled and Double beveled

You can understand the classic as well as the modern, and you accept how they both fit into this world. You are comfortable with most styles and aesthetics.

All of these countertop trims are available on pretty much any type of countertop you choose. The tools used for beveling and mitring are designed to cut the trim without hurting the often expensive countertop materials. But it is best to know who is doing the work. To get the best trim, RT Granite is the premier countertop specialist in Chicago. 

They can not only install and trim the countertops in your kitchen, but also put in bathroom countertops in your Chicago home, and they work with marble, quartz and granite. Take a look in their showroom for your next set of countertops.