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How to choose natural stone for kitchen countertops

The kitchen is the heart of every home. When selecting materials for your kitchen, it is necessary to choose the ones with the best quality. A beautiful kitchen reflects your family’s health and happiness. Countertops are the first thing that you or your visitors will see when they walk in the room because it takes much of the space in your kitchen. Make a statement with natural stone countertops, and…

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How to properly deep clean granite countertops in Chicago?

Many homeowners are opting for granite countertops across the country, for both their durability and the added style they bring to your kitchen or bathroom. While granite countertops are renowned for their resistance to wear and tear when properly sealed, like any other surface they can still pick up stains from oil, cups of coffee, or other spills that can mar the surface. While these types of counters are not…

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The Differences Between Marble, Quartz, and Granite Countertops

Whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen, who doesn’t love the beauty and luxury of a great countertop as the focal point of the whole room? With the bright elegance of marble, the durability of quartz, or the unique natural beauty of granite countertops to choose from, making a selection can be mind-boggling. To make it a little easier, here’s a look at some of the differences between these…

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3 Easy Steps to Seal a Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship and something that, if taken care of can look great for a very long time. However, there are certain kinds of granite that may require different types of sealants. So, before you start following instructions below on how to seal your granite countertop, the first thing you need to do is find the right sealant for your granite. Here are the 3 steps…

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