When going to the expense of your kitchen countertops Chicago installation, every single detail has to be measured. The paramount issue is obviously the material that the countertops will be made of. However, the next question is: what about countertops finishing? The trends are important here, it’s widely known that it’s quite hard to resist them. Their magic causes that homeowners are getting convinced that need exactly what’s in vogue now. Matte countertops finishes are the solution that has recently conquered kitchen design world. There are surely multiple reasons for that, however, it’s worth to consider them on your own. Your kitchen countertops Madison can look truly outstanding, but properly chosen finishing is the key to success.


Pros and cons of matte countertop finishes

First of all, they’re considered as modern and really stylish nowadays. Everyone wants to have modern accent in the house, so, maybe it’s the way to go. Matte texture is a contrast to all glossy kitchen elements. While high-gloss finishing is the first to show stains and scratches, matt finishes can hide all minor faults very effectively. The light is not reflecting here very much and that’s why this part of cleaning maintenance is probably much easier in this case. The surface is smooth and subtle, creates natural and toned look. All the imperfections can seemingly disappear – it’s only you who will know what’s the truth! Moreover, if you’re the owner of a big kitchen, mattye finishes are definitely the option for you. Such a big space covered with glossy finishing certainly won’t work very well.

And now the time for bad sides. Because of the fact that matte finishes doesn’t reflect so much light, kitchen space can seem to be smaller. Therefore, if you want to enhance your kitchen look and make it optically bigger, this type of countertops finishing isn’t probably the best solution for you. The next disadvantage are visible fingertips. Matte cabinets finishes hide the majority of dust, however, these oily spots are even more noticeable and finally, hard to clean. If you have small kids at home – consider this option twice. 

If you still don’t have the idea which kind of kitchen countertops Chicago finishing to choose – professional designers are ready to give you a hand. Whatever you’ll decide on, remember – there are no ideal solutions! It’s you who will make the only right choice.