For the aesthetics of your kitchen, a beautiful, natural stone countertop just brings the whole picture together so perfectly, you wouldn’t think anything could make it better, until you see the same thing, except with a backsplash. The combination of the two not only complements the scene, but adds a break in the stark color of the wall behind it. 

Picking your backsplash is all about commonality. You want colors that go well together, not contrasting colors that clash. but picking the backsplash is step two. Step one is picking the countertops. They will be your larger investment and the backsplash coloring will be solely based on them. 

Coloring with Complements

Take any piece of marble countertops in Chicago. Typically they will be at least two colors. And these colors set the tone for the backsplash tiles. You might even find tile with a marble-type coloring, or even a pearlescent finish, but the likelihood is slim for some marble options, so a two color approach is a better thought.

A countertop installer will have a color wheel that can also help you choose. They have put their best choices together over years of experience installing kitchen countertops in Chicago homes and businesses. They can even show you color options to punch up more bland yet still lovely coloring like that of granite countertops in Chicago.

Size and Shape

Along with color, picking the size, shape and material of your backsplash deserves consideration. Large tiles have less grout, which means easier cleaning. Longer yet more narrow tiles have a stretching effect on the countertop, and by extension, make the room seem longer. When picking a color, don’t forget the size and shape you want them to be.

As far as materials, something easy to clean and stain resistant is best. Tile is great, but some tiles do stain. That is where the different types of tiles come in. The debate of porcelain versus ceramic. And don’t get us started on travertine.

We know it seems daunting but the professionals that do these installs can help you wade through the details.